Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Genealogy of Votergate Media Coverage 2004

Through the Eyes of GoogleNews

another from OpEdNews:

By Matthew Cardinale
November 10, 2004

A textbook case of media diffusion is unfolding before our very eyes. So with the help of the ever-resourceful GoogleNews, I have charted how over the last week progressive websites forced the corporate media to pay attention to Votergate 2004.

I’ve been refreshing GoogleNews and the site almost every 30 minutes awaiting news on whether Bev Harris has saved America yet or not. My key word searches have been “Bev Harris” and “John Conyers” (both with quotation marks) and several strings of words like “electronic,” “voting,” “fraud,” “election,” and “2004.”

Sorry I’m obsessed, but I mean it’s only the entire basis of our democracy at stake here. The fact that the US corporate media has systematically conspired to suppress news coverage of what is now being called “Votergate” is an absolute atrocity putting into sharp visibility the need to increase and enhance progressive daily news sources in the United States.


To be sure, the New York Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Columbus Dispatch, and others have been reporting county-wide problems, some more troubling than others, since Election Day. Yet, for a reader of any one of these papers, there isn’t much information with which to connect any dots regarding a larger problem. So here’s where the story begins first, in terms of claiming evidence of a problem big enough to overturn election results…

It started with an innocent-looking November 3rd USA Today article on Bev Harris’ recent Public Records Requests for voting records and mentioned some irregularities. So this is noteworthy but not a mobilizing piece.

Then, November 3rd, had contributor, Mike Whitney’s, “Sour Grapes or Voter Fraud.” Then, had Joseph Cannon’s “The Case for Fraud.” . . . .


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