Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ralph Nader & Bev Harris Press Conference: Recount Ohio & Florida

Perhaps Nader will actually redeem his slipping reputation with these actions:

from OpEd News:

Bev Harris ( and Ralph Nader had a press conference in DC today. They have teamed up with and have set up a 527 special fund to buy recounts. They worked with Bev Harris's lawyer who is an election specialist attorney. They have found a little used law that allows a recount if it's requested by five citizens who voted in that state and did not vote for the candidate who won. The state wants a down payment of ten dollars a precinct, so they need money fast!

Send to the fund All the funds are for recounts and will be prioritized by the most suspicious counties first. It will be about $200,000 to recount Ohio, which is the first target because it has very provable anomolies that show massive fraud--Bev says, "Very strange and impossible math"; then Florida.


Ralph Nader is going to pay for a recount in New Hampshire to audit the Diebold machines there.


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