Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Zogby Calls for Investigation of Exit Polls & Election 2004

Last night, Keith Olbermann interviewed Zogby, the pollster, about the voting irregularities. Excerpts:

"I think that the gentlemen who are responsible for the exit polls should be fully transparent, release their data, discuss their methodology. Let us see what exactly it is that happened, and why it happened.”


“I think it's in the interests of the nation that we study what happened in this election and widen that, let's study what happened with the exit polls, and let's come out with a definitive conclusions by a blue ribbon panel to restore the legitimacy of this election.”


“I’ll take this opportunity right now to say I think that it’s in the interest of healing this country and restoring some unity to this country for us to have a thorough investigation of what happened both to the election and with the exit polls.”

See Olbermann's blog for longer account


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